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I myself love reading about the history of the Greek gods; I cant choose a favorite for I kind of love them all. 

However somethings I wonder...What would had happen if some of the virgin gods or goddesses had a child? 

It would be interesting to see their children; I know this is going to be a crappy question.

If you were a Greek god or goddess; who would be your parents? What would you represent? And what would your personality by? or who would be your mate?(this questions are extra you don't have to answer it.)

Here's my example. 

Aodolin, Goddess of Domestic Animals and Civilization.

Mother: Athermis 

Father: Unknown(for Athermis kept him a secret from her brother. his name is Theodus, the god of the home and Love)

Appearance: she has long black hair, normally she will have it braided. Her skin is a dark like brown close to a tan, she wears bronze bracelets on her arms with care. Unlike most of the other gods, she often wears a jade colored dress.

However sometimes she will show herself to mortals, but it's when they least expect to see her.

Back-story: Athermis was know for being a virgin goddess, often spending time with the wild animals. However there is a little secret that she has been keeping ever since; and not even her brother Apollo knows this. 

Theodus the god love met her in the forest a springtime, normally he doesn't often pay attention to affection. However that would soon change once he saw the goddess of the moon alone. 

Trying to act strong he secretly spied on her trying not to get spotted, however that plan backfired. Athermis pointed her hunting arrow at him, and by the looks of things this wasn't going so well for him.

"Who cometh here? I have never seen your face in my forest; if you come any closer I will kill you." Theodus looked at her as he came close with the, he chuckled while coming close to her.

"Athermis my dear, why doesn't the forest queen trust me? You shouldn't always be so harsh to men, a beautiful goddess as yourself should not be alone." Athermis wasn't impress by his flirting ways, as he approached she still wasn't going to budge. 

"I am warning you villain don't come any closer to me..." With speed Theodus snatched the arrow from her grasp, he grabbed her softly whispering in her ear.

"Athermis I am no mere mortal you speak of, I am a god like you. You see I know that you try to stay a virgin, however I also know that it's also hurting your heart. Maybe it's time for you to open your heart a little, men aren't scary the question is...are you willing to open your heart?" Athermis stormed off far away from Theodus, so you might think that she never came back.

However it seems that Theodus slowly got Athermis to open up a bit; they would rarely meet to keep their seed a small secret. Soon that little seed would blossom into love, they would often go beyond the eyes of Zeus to hid from spying eyes. 

Theodus and Athermis have been seeing each other for many seasons, and Apollo didn't know about this matter. Until that very day a spring morning they welcomed a small child, and Aodolin was born. Theodus wanted to spend time with his young daughter, however Athermis wanted him to hide from her father's sight.

Theodus followed suit not waiting to face the wraith of Zeus, however he did see his daughter every chance he got. The following years Aodolin grew into a young women, although she doesn't share the demeanor of her mother. 

Even though her strong-willed mother didn't always visit mortals; Aodolin showed taught them useful things from the animals they owned. Thus the reason why most call her the goddess of domestic animals; however that wasn't the main thing she represented as we all know.

She was also know as the goddess of civilization and mortals; this meant she would be around humans often, however they don't expect her to visit often. Although she is the goddess of domestic animals; she also shared a love for them as well. 

Aodolin was just like her mother when it came to animals; however you wouldn't think what animal she chose. Looking around she didn't know which animal to chose as her messenger; but one would show as in the humble little rodent. This would prove to be a perfect fit for Aodolin; for she didn't seem impressed with brute strength.

She was a person to be impressed not only with pure strength; but with smart thinking and a little trickery.

So tell me what you think




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