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                     Chapter 2: Hot Water! An angered queen speaks

Maria was back home in the Cape of Good Hope safely, although things weren't going to be sweet for her at the moment. Adia was the queen of the cape mermaids she was quite a soft person, yet she was also very strong when it comes to discipline. When Maria came into her chambers she got right to business, Adia wanted no excuses from the princess this time. Opening her eyes she expressed her anger and disappointment with her, Maria knew she was in serious trouble by the queens facial expressions.

Queen Adia: "Maria I see you went exploring the vast places of the sea, yet you fail to realized how worried I was about you. My dear you must learn the consequence of your actions, do you know what happens if you venture into the deep? I thought so you fail to see that monster live beyond the Cape of Good Hope, I don't want to hear any excuses from you lady! Now go to your room we shall discuss this later, you betrayed my trust Maria I thought I could trust you to stay in the palace. That's enough of my speech if you have any objections before you leave you may speak, yet they will not matter it wont effect your punishment." Mara looked down as she spoke to her mother about this. Yet i don't think she want to heat about this excuse she had.

Maria: "Mother please forgive me I just wanted to she the surface, I thought at dawn the monsters wouldn't dare attack me at that moment. The sun represents purity as it rises in the sky out great queen, maybe we can---" she was cut short by the queen Adia sharply. She had heard enough of this speech.

Queen Adia: "Silents to your room Maria! That speech is just another excuse for you to leave the palace princess, I already have a headache dear so be on your way now." Mara bowed softly as she left for her room. The mother was quite harsh when it comes to dealing out punishments, but it's her rules that they all must follow greatly.

Maria sat in her bed as her great white shark friend came, he rested next to her as she look down. What's so dangerous about the surface world Adia seen? Maybe she might asked one of the palace mermaids about this, she knew that Nyota has seen many things beyond the palace. Yes let me clarify something about her before I continue here, out of all the crimson(valentine) mermaids she the only one to see the surface. Normally she will visit the top to travel around a bit, yet when not doing that she traveling back into the Cape Cave. Maria entered her room as she held many items from the surface world.

Nyota: "I know that the queen is furious with you leaving, yet she's too worried about the dangers beyond our waters. So you were able to see another kingdom where mermaids live, I knew that there were mermaids that lived beyond the cave. The queen doesn't want to admit that their is no danger in open waters, yet my people fear the open oceans greatly. It's quite a shame that the queen fears the unknown, yet sometimes the unknown can be are greatest fear in our minds. So Maria you see things are beyond the cape we don't know, yet are you willing to go far beyond the cape to see? Tell you what I have a good idea for you now, you can leave the cape as long as you return at sunset. Remember that he tide lowers  from the cave where we live, once the moon rises you wont be able to enter until dawn comes. So it's already noon I suggest that you get a move on very soon, for where we live night fall comes early here." Maria hugged Nyota as she swam out of the cavern.


It was five o'clock Maria was on land for the first time in her life, everything looked so beautiful in this new found world. The different smells allured her from all different directions, yet once she looked at the sky she had to get going before nightfall. It was sunset Maria jumped into the water head first quickly, already in her mermaid form she made it into the cave as the moon rose slowly. The cave's entrance was above water making it impossible to climb into, everyone in the palace was prepared to rest after the long day. Sneaking in her room she was able to get into bed without getting noticed, yet always remember the queen can see things even if you try to hide them. Adia wasn't pleased about the princess going up to land, yet this time she will let it slide for now. Things might change for Maria at the moment, yet it might be wise for to wait things out.    
MMPPP Song: What's out there? Maria's Song| Valentine Pearl

Verse I

Was everything the queen said true? There are monster that hid from my view.

Yet every moment I dream to venture through seas, but will my fears keep preventing me.

I wonder what is out there that is so dark? Maybe the queen has ever dare make the embark.

I want to show her that there nothing to fear, maybe just maybe fear is all in our heads.

We never get to see the wonders of the sea, but this cape is a bit to boring for me.

I want to watch the birds sore above the sea, I want to see the cities where humans meet!

Please tell me what is so dangerous in the sea? Why do we just sit in the cave without a peep?

I want to find out what so greatly feared within the sea! So tell me this once, What's out there?

Verse II

Adia, why wont you come with me? Mother there is such more thing to see!

There are wonders that our hidden from our eyes. All you have to do is give it a try.

I wish we can see the everlasting unknown, I'm sure that there are many mysteries to be seen!

Oh I want to see the world where humans roam, maybe they can teach me things I've never known.

There are wonders in the world we've never seen, mother please hear my lonely plea.

If there anything question i want to ask from thy, what is out there...out there for me?
MMPPP Song: What's Out There?
This is the song for my MMPPP OC What's Out There? I made the song
              Chapter 1: Wild Adventure through the Sea! Meeting someone new

It was dawn Maria was the only one up at the time now, everyone inside the palace was dead asleep not knowing where she was. She decided to see if there were really monster at the surface, so swimming slowly she made her venture to the top carefully. You see the waters where she is our very cold to swim in, but it's wise not to swim in the waters quickly. As she reached the surface she saw a beautiful sky, the air was fresh with salt water as the seagulls flew above her head. Maybe this place isn't as terrible as her mother thought at first, it might be the best time for her to explore the waters around here.

Maria: "Wow looked at that sunrise it's so pretty in the sky, I wonder if I can see the same sunrise at other parts of the ocean? Well I suppose there is only one way for me to find out..." Leaving the cave she swimming beyond the waters of the cape. Once she left the waters started to get warmer a bit, it was still chilly inside the frigid seas. Oh I must have forgot to tell you something else, Maria is quite shy for a mermaid when it comes to meeting people. If she see someone knew she will be quick to hide her appearance, however I guess she needs to get out a bit more if she gets the chance. Everything around her seemed so new and pretty, she never seen such wonders before in her life. Well she's never left the safety of her cave either, so this is also a first to be mention as well.

Coming to the surface she saw many wonders that the land had, first she saw these strange things that floated on the water. Then she saw an even stranger creature resting on the small thing, she had to flee quickly when the creature turned his head to see. After that she decided to head up the ocean to explore more, yet something caught the corner of her eye quickly. She swam slowly following a every bright blue light she saw, then after a couple of minutes of swimming she found a palace. It was aqua blue like color to it from the strange look, she didn't realize that there were other mermaid princesses. Maria hid behind a large rock not to get seen, Hanon came out of the palace to explore the depths of he south Atlantic ocean.

Maria's hiding spot was going well for her at the moment, however she forgot one thing: the tip of her tail is black. Yes this meant that she could be spotted very easily from sight, so she held her breath just in case she came by to her area. Then all of a sudden Maria bumped into a strange object, then as she turned around that object was another mermaid. She freaked out whens he saw her and hid within the water cavern near by, Hanon followed her to introduce herself meaning no harm to her.

Hanon: "Hello there, sorry if I scared you a bit. Seems to me that you're new to the parts of the ocean. Oh my name is Hanon, what your name." Maria didn't understand a single word she said. Hanon was speaking Japaneses when she introduced herself, yet Maria didn't know a single word in that language. Normally the majority of her people speak the language of Swahili, and I might guess Hanon might not know too much of that.

Maria: "My...My name is Maria...Maria Chausiku...hi...Where am I?" she spoke in a very mink voice for she was very timid. Hanon was about to invite her to her kingdom happily except for one thing, one of the mermaids followed Maria. She turned her head to see one of the palace workers hiding behind a rock, this meant she had to return to the palace quickly it was already noon. Where she lives it get's dark very quickly during the winter time, she lives near the bottom half of the world, It was summer in the Northern Hemisphere if you didn't know. Something tells me that she will be in hot water when she returns home, yet waiting might be the best result for this situation.    
Mermaid of the Cape

                     Introduction and Prologue: Diving into the deep

Dive within the waters of the Cape of Good Hope below you, as you swim you see many water creatures that live within this place happily. However as you go lower you notice a strange red light coming from a cave, you don't happen to know where it's coming from yet you follow. As you get closer the light starts to get eve brighter, once your inside your eyes widen to the sight of a mermaid kingdom. There were many upon many of mermaids and mermen that lived here, of which one of them was the ruling queen of the cape. There was also another mermaid that lived here as well, her name was Maria Chausiku the mermaid princess of the cape.

Normally she doesn't leave the palace for anything to be exact, her people thought there were dangers beyond the hidden cave of the cape. That meant they never left the cave for any such reason I'm afraid, so they basically don't even know what he surface looks like. Although Maria dreams of venturing to the surface of the human world, her mother urges her to stay within the cave for safety. One time Maria went to the surface as a small child by memory, she was quite curious for a tiny mermaid of her size. Unfortunately her mother stopped her from reaching the top, she taught her that the surface was a dangerous place filled with monsters. So she believed her mother's words very dearly to heart, yet even she hasn't seen the surface world herself. What could be out there? Maybe we need to wait and see
FirePhoenixCreations by sweetpeppergirl
this is a special gift for my friend FirePhoenixCreations for giving me that loveable birthday gift. So i decided to do give something back to her as a thank you. Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] 

the lineart creator is by 

you can find it here…



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